What To Consider When Providing Outcall Massages

As a professional in the massaging industry one of the best ways to find a good income and create a large client base is by not being limited to on-site treatments only. When you are just providing treatments from your office you will only have a limited clientele who are actually capable of visiting your office or your house.

When you are ready to offer your massage service Hong Kong to a client by going to his or her home or to a place he or she has made arrangements, you can get a better income. However, when you are accepting such outcall massaging orders you have to consider about all that is mentioned below.

Getting All the Information about the Client

Firstly, you need to get all the information about the client. Usually, the client will be contacting you mainly because of an advertisement you have published on a great online platform where you have put your contact number. When that call comes and you can provide the service on that day make sure to gather all the necessary information about the client before going in. Also, you have to be specific about the services you are providing because some clients could be expecting more from you.

The Equipment to Carry

When you are providing outcall massage you have to always be ready with the equipment to carry. You should only carry the equipment that is necessary for the appointment at hand. No need to take all that you own. Make sure the equipment including the bed is something that is light and easy for you to carry and set up. You are not going to take an assistant with you to help with all of this. So, take the equipment that you can easily set up. See this site if you are looking for relaxing tantric massage.

Deciding About the Fee

You have to also come to an agreement about the fee before going for the appointment with the client. This you can do when the appointment is made. However, you have to factor in the time you will be spending on the road, the time that will be used to set up then take down the equipment from the place you are meeting, etc. However, do not give too high a price too because that could end up in losing the client. You need all the clients you get to create a good client base.

If you want to start this service of going to the client the best way to go about it is putting an advertisement about your service on a much visited and used online platform.