Tips To Treat Lower Back Problems

Back pain has become one of the most common problems faced by millions of people. When you pick and move heavy items without proper back support, it often leads to back or spine injuries. In addition, there are several other reasons leading to such issues. Some of the common factors that affect your lower back have been discussed below and also solutions to it.

Make the right startThere are several things you can do for the benefit of your spine health. However, you should know how to begin with. When you are unsure where you need to make certain modifications to improve your life, you can refer to massage Collins St Melbourne for assistance. They can help you in assessing your health and suggest lifestyle changes that can help in keeping your spine healthy. You can lead a fitter life and perform household chores like managing children, cooking, cleaning and other related household work.

The correct sleeping postureThis is indeed important as we spend maximum time of our lives sleeping. Hence, sleeping right is essential. One of the prime reasons for poor spine health is often due to incorrect sleeping posture. It leads to neck pain, lower back pain and also impacts your sleep. As a result, you don’t feel energetic to kick start your day after a night’s sleep. You can opt for massage in Melbourne CBD that helps in getting a good sleep in the night. Besides, it is important to sleep on your side or back instead on your stomach. In addition, you can also sleep, keeping a pillow between your legs for better alignment of spine and pelvic area when you are resting.

Essence of frequent breaks from screens or phonesAnother main reason for poor spine health is working for long hours in front of a laptop or a computer without any rest in between. If your profession involves testing of mobile phones, it does strain your upper back and neck, which largely affects the spine area too. When you are constantly looking down at electronic gadgets for a long period, you suffer from pain and injuries which is termed as text neck. Other symptoms of text neck include shoulder pain, headaches, and high curvature of spine. As per studies, it can also lead to initial onset arthritis and low lung capacity. Therefore, taking frequent breaks from your work is important. Instead of sitting for hours performing tests and research on wireless devices, take breaks in between for a short period. Take a walk or do some stretching workouts to ease your mind and body.