Sports First Aid: Different Adhesive Tapes And Strapping

Athletics are bound to get injuries. You never know when you will sprain a ligament or pull a muscle while you are busy playing those important games representing your country. The first aid kit for a sports person always contains several tapes and adhesives along with other important necessities. Every sport has different specifications depending on which the first aid kits are designed. Depending on the sport again there are several types of tapes for each part of the body which can be involved in the game.
Sport tapes can be mainly of 3 types. The first category is corrective tapes like kinesiotape, leukotape and coverall. Kinesiotape is a kind of cloth made elastic corrective tape which has pressure points. These are available as single strips. They can be used in combination also. It controls the amount of muscle stretch by adhering exactly to the arm or injured part. The user is allowed to use the sprained muscle limitedly. Thus, decreasing the pain and preventing from further injury to the part. Leukotapes and coverall tapes are non adhesive. These not have much medical benefits but are used in case of joint injuries by the physiotherapists. These help in holding the ligaments near the joints tightly in place so that they heal faster and hurt lesser. To know the service offer by physiotherapists, kindly look at this link

The second type of tape is the supportive tape e.g. J&J tape. It is one of the commonly used tapes. It is very handy, comes in use for any kind of muscle, ligament or tendon injury with no cuts. These tapes are strong, non elastic, sticky or non-sticky. As the name indicates, these provide total support and limit movement of any particular muscle or joints, such as ankle, knees, shoulders, hand, elbows, and wrists. They are sometimes available with zinc oxide coating which helps in faster healing of the injury and prevents skin irritation or bacterial infection. Ankle injuries are rather common. These tapes are strapped around the ankle by a method known as ankle strapping. Some sportspersons do not wait for an injury for their ankles or elbows to be taped. They are more comfortable to play if they strap their ankles before hand only. This protects their ankles from any potential injuries but also allows flexibility for the easy movement of the ligaments and muscles.
The third class of tapes is the compression tapes. They are used as an outer protection to other tapes. They are elastic and adhesive to the skin. These protect the inner tapes from coming out and hold them in place so that the athlete can carry out his/her sports activity efficiently. Compression tapes are available in waterproof variety also, thus, assisting the swimmers to be in water without any worries. Waterproof tapes stick to the skin when wet.
Sport tapes allow an athlete never to stop. They provide proper support even at the hardest workout. But their application should always be medically or professionally assisted. It is also important to know the correct type that is fit for a particular muscle or injury. You can buy sport tape online. Online purchase of sport tapes gives you a lot of varieties, several colors to choose, basically many options to select from. But you need to do proper research of the kind you need and always go by the doctor’s advice.