Enjoy life while it lasts! This is a line we always hear in our daily activities. You might think “it’s easy for to say but difficult to actual do especially with a life like mine”. But the truth is it is not life that is making it difficult for us to enjoy it. No, it is our own minds and the attitudes we have towards it that makes it difficult for us to really enjoy life.

The way we look at life determines how we feel about it. If we look at it with a negative outlook then all we see and feel is negative and bad. Whatever happens you will think it’s bad. So the way you think about a thing really matters.

So you might think that your position in life is worse than that of others. You might think that you are poor, exploited, discriminated, sick or alone. True it might be so but that is not going to bar you from enjoying life as it is. Any circumstance is enjoyable if you know how to look at it.

If you are suffering from a disability then you shouldn’t think that your freedom is restricted and you are worthless. You may feel dependent on helpless. But the thing is this, if you know the right kind of help you can still enjoy life like normal people. For an example there are disability service providers SA who look in to all aspects of life and daily activities. Like if you can do your own basic needs and need a little help in the house work or any other daily chore you can get help.

Disability services provide help from daily assistance around household chores to basic hygiene. So you can still remain independent and do things you love and cherish. Don’t be restricted by your own imaginations.

Do little things in a new way. They will add a new color to your boring life style and it will make life bearable. You can also try new experiences and make it an adventure. For an example if you have never tried Indian food then walk in to an Indian restaurant randomly and try something unique. You may think that it might be too spicy for you but how would you know if you haven’t tried it? First try it and see you never know you might actually like it!

Do something crazy (well, not life threatening crazy) and try it. Go bungee jumping or scuba diving. Read a good novel and go out with friends and family. Try gathering different skills that you never thought you will lead. If you didn’t know how to cook then start cooking. If you do know how to cook then try a different type of cuisine. Learn a new language. Watch movies in a different language. Meet people out of your comfort zone. Make new friends and learn about their cultures and values.